Volunteer Guidelines

We wish to present our views of customer service and how to handle situations that may present a security issue. Please read through these, as you agree to these upon volunteering.

In the event of an emergency

When in a situation where you witness any of the following

In any of the above situations, show your volunteer badge and ask for the activity to desist. If they continue, bring the situation to a Staff or Immediate Response Team member.

If you witness physical violence or a theft

  1. Make a mental description. (Outfit, physical attributes, height, age, gender)
  2. Inform Staff or an Immediate Response Team member immediately.

If you are supervising a room that exceeds safe capacity limits, please politely decline attendees from entering. Notify Staff immediately if attendees do not comply. (This also includes when a room is closed for setup or tear down.)

Things not to do


You have the authority to remind attendees of the rules and to ask them to stop. If they do not wish to comply with your polite request, find a staff member or security member immediately to handle the situation.

Thank you for taking the time to look over these rules. Hopefully you are now better aware of what you should do if attendees become a problem.