Katsura Sunshine

Katsura Sunshine was born in Toronto Canada and holds Slovenian citizenship as well as Canadian.

In 2008 he became the 15th apprentice to the great Rakugo Master Katsura Bunshi VI, from whom he received the name Katsura Sunshine.

Sunshine was the first ever Western Rakugo-ka in the Kamigata tradition (Osaka / Kyoto) and only the second in Japanese history, after his predecessor Kairakute Burakku a hundred years before.

Sunshine has toured over 5 continents performing in 3 languages (Japanese, English and French).

This month represents the third anniversary of the opening of Rakugo on Broadway, at the New World Stages theatre complex. This long run has dates confirmed through December 2022.

He is also be performing in London's West End in a residence that also runs through the end of 2022.

Sunshine was appointed Cultural Ambassador for Canada and Japan, and Friendship Ambassador for Slovenia and Japan. He was MC and host for the opening reception of the G-20 Summit in Osaka in 2019.

Sunshine divides his time between Tokyo, New York, and London.