Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell is a voice actor for Crunchyroll, Studio Nano, Oktratron 5000, and Sound Cadence Studios. His voice can be heard in more than one hundred and fifty different titles. His favorites include: "Perospero" and "Napoleon" in "One Piece", "Jingo Raichi" in "Blue Lock", "Red" in "Banished From the Heros Party", "Majestic" and "Kotaro Shimura" in "My Hero Academia", "Madoka" in "Chainsaw Man", "Pei Xiu" in "Heaven Official's Blessing", "Nakano" in "The Helpful Fox Senko-San", "Morisawa Chiaki" in "Ensemble Stars", "Bondman" in "Spy x Family", "Phillip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat" in "Overlord", "Gauma" in "SSSS". "Dynazenon", "Almanfi" in "Mushoku Tensei" and more. In addition to acting full time, Aaron is an Assistant Director at Crunchyroll and has worked on shows such as: "My Hero Academia", "Mob Psycho Season 3", "Pop Team Epic", "Spy x Family", "Overlord", "Shoot! Goal to the Future", and "Sing "Yesterday" For Me". When not in the booth, or directing outside of it Aaron spend times with his corgi, Pancake, and cat, Lucy. He enjoys Italian food (like really, really enjoys it), video games, and chatting about the latest episodes of "One Piece".

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Twitter: @TheManAaron
Instagram: The_Man_Aaron