Music Events at JAFAX 2022

This year at enjoy music acts at JAFAX with two very different live music events! Also, dance the night away with our electronic dance party!!

Our musical guests this year are Playing With Power, Super Guitar Bros, and ALL YOUR BASS!

For the electronic dance, we have you covered! Ace and MESMERIST will put on a pumping pair of sets during the the dance at JAFAX 2022!

Ace Marasigan

Ace started his DJ work in the summer of 1999 at a party ship on Lake Michigan. He honed his skills by performing at almost 1,000 events, parties, and special occasions all throughout his career.

Favorite genres: House, Electro, Trance Top 40, and Progressive Jazz

MESMERIST - Anime/Video Game Music, House, Bass Music, Hardcore

EDC Meets Anime Expo when Mesmerist is at the decks. While DJ/Producers with a focus on Japanese culture and Nerd culture tend to favor all House music or all UK Hardcore, Mesmerist breaks the mold by bringing varied multigenre DJ sets meant to evokethe fast-paced, theatrical excitement of a Festival DJ set together with the music of anime, video games, and more! With this unique style, Mesmerist has rocked the Midwest, the Internet, and Beyond with iconic, memorable performances that get audiences moving.

Playing With Power

Bringing non-stop, nostalgia-powered video game rock, Playing with Power! will play a set that makes you yearn for a couch full of friends, a delivery pizza, and hours of console gaming.

Super Guitar Bros

The Super Guitar Bros aren't actually brothers - They're bros!

Sam and Steve combine their love of video game music with their passion for acoustic/classical guitar to bring you a one of a kind musical experience.

Sometimes chill. Sometimes intense. Always super!


The most literal sense of the term "heavy metal", this low brass group brings a set full of your favorite anime and video game tunes. If you've ever wondered what a bunch of tubas and trombones playing Mario would sound like, (who hasn't?!), then look no further!