Japanese Culture: Traditional and Modern

While modern Japanese media culture has been a major focus for us, we also love to show off the other aspects of Japanese culture both traditional and modern.

In previous years, we've had Aikido and Iaido demontrations along with traditional Taiko Drumming. Along with this we've had numerous educational panels from the Grand Rapids Omihachiman Sister City Committee and the well-known Cultural Anthropologist, Charles Dunbar.

This year, we'd like to welcome the Swordmanship Museum & Academy and Western Michigan University's Soga Japan Center!

The Swordsmanship Museum and Academy is an educational facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that is dedicated to sharing the histories and cultures of the world through the amazing history of the tools of war and the conflicts surrounding them. The weapons originally designed to split us in half are now being used to bring us together!

They will be bringing a special traveling museum to JAFAX 2022 featuring artifacts and replicas of the warriors of Japan and other regional cultures, as well as a special panel discussion. Get up close and personal with some of the Museum's most fascinating artifacts, including original katana blades, antique kusarigama, armor pieces, and more!

Western Michigan University's Soga Japan Center is an interdisciplinary unit designed to promote knowledge of Japan to the WMU community, the city of Kalamazoo and all of southwestern Michigan. The Soga Japan Center regularly brings scholars, artists and writers to campus to give Japan-related lectures, demonstrations and readings to students, faculty and the surrounding community. The Soga Japan Center also hosts film series, displays, musical performances and other fun events related to Japanese culture.