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Jafax 2019, June 7 - 9

Panel Submission

Are you educated and enthusiastic about a specific topic of anime or Japanese culture? Do you enjoy entertaining and interacting with other fans of that topic? Come share your knowledge and creativity with your fellow attendees by hosting a panel!

Panel submissions end on May 4th at 11:59pm. You will find out about the status of your panel by May 15th.


  • Please check into Con Ops before your first panel.
  • Please show up for your panel 10-15 minutes ahead of time to set-up.
  • Please end your panel 10 minutes before the end of the time slot to allow for teardown/set up.
  • Due to JAFAX’s focus on Japan, all accepted panels must have something to do with Japan’s culture, anime, manga, video games, etc. We also accept content relating to Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra and RWBY. If you are unsure if your panel relates to these topics, feel free to email me.
  • No food/candy, this is a venue rule. Alternate prize ideas include yen, stickers, temporary tattoos, merchandise, etc.
  • Unless you have a Michigan lottery license, please do not use the terms “raffle” or “lottery” in your panel’s title, description, or advertising.
  • Do not attach anything to the venue’s walls. This includes, but is not limited to using tacks, tape, staples, etc. Any backdrops must be free standing.
  • If you can not attend JAFAX, please email me at as soon as you know so that I can remove your panels from the schedule. If an emergency comes up at event, please notify Con Ops. No-shows will not be eligible for badge reimbursement or for running panels at JAFAX in future years.

Reimbursement Policy

  • You must pre-register before the event to be eligible, you may wait until after your panel is accepted to register.
  • You must show up to and complete all of your panels to be eligible.
  • After all of your panels are completed, report to registration for your badge reimbursement. If your last panel is scheduled after registration closes on the last day you are attending, please email me at and we can make alternate arrangements.
  • You get one badge for 3 hours of accepted panels. Your panelist group gets an additional co-panelist badge for each additional 2 hours of panels, for up to 3 co-panelist badges. So, 3 hours=1 badge, 5 hours=2 badges, 7 hours=3 badges, and 9+ hours=4 badges.

If you would like to run a panel at JAFAX, please fill out this form below!

Here at JAFAX, we take great pride in the rich programming that we are able to offer our attendees. But, we could not do it without you! Thank you for taking time to submit and run a panel at JAFAX. If you have any questions, please feel free to email