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Jafax 2019, June 7 - 9



In 2008 m-Bro rolled out of bed filled with the sole desire of making the panels and programming they wanted to see. Ten years later they face their greatest challenge, writing a bio that doesn’t make him sound like a huge idiot. Can they do it? Probably? Maybe? You be the judge!
Living at the intersection of fandom and alt-comedy, we want to teach you things, are you smile, and make as many jokes as possible that only ten people in the audience will understand. Ranging from traditional lecture panels, interactive discussion, scathing roasts, and even live science demonstrations, they set out to prove that loving something should never be shameful, and that there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure, only things to celebrate. We’re here to entertain, educated, and excite! Just like the conventions you love, you may not know what’s happening, but you’ll never ever be bored.

Kristie Good

Kristie Good, known as Karmada Cosplay has been creating cosplay since 2001 (17+ years now!) and competing since 2005 (with numerous awards ranging from judge's choice all the way up to best in shows – recent awards include Runner Up Master Category at Anime Central 2018 and Best in Show at Youmacon 2015 as part of the group Karmaluna Cosplay)! Her passion is helping other cosplayers achieve their dreams - by presenting informational and inspirational panels about cosplay construction and sewing. In 2016 she had the opportunity to author a book "Epic Cosplay Costumes" (a beginner's guide to creating cosplay & sewing) – which can be found on Amazon and in bookstores today!
Barnes and Noble:
IG: @karmada_cosplay; @karmada_arts
On top of her cosplay habit, Kristie is also an avid artist and comic creator, having been working in the Manga style for over 25 years. She has been spotted in many artist alleys in the Midwest and East coast conventions, and also enjoys teaching others how to draw and analyze their own work! She is currently working on a self-published manga called Tangerine Wings and a webcomic called TalOS (http://talos-

Occupy Anime

#OccupyAnime! is dedicated to bringing high quality, Japan-focused panel and event programming to cons near you! Our primary panelists - Allie Douglass and Mike Thorn - have attended tons of anime conventions. Their expertise ranges from mecha to moe. They strive to combine an entertaining yet informative experience at conventions across the Midwest.

Party Table

Long ago the Party Gods looked down upon our world and said, "Hey, there needs to be more party down there..." And so they chose Avatars to spread their gospel and bring forth the PARTY!
Party Table stand as the champions of the Party Gods. They roam this land doing the one thing they do best, spreading the PARTY. Join them as they challenge the greatest of contenders on the field of love and battle, create dazzling works from thin air, and ... you know just do like goofy stuff. Join them as they give praise and PARTY FOR THE PARTY GODS!