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Jafax is excited to announce the following performers:


Cutesylvania is a one-woman musical act, creating subversive lyrics paired with whimsical pixelated melodies. Releasing albums as levels of a map to a mysterious video game island, she brings fun wordplay and a colorful element to her craft, inviting every listener to be a part of her musical adventure. She’s the world’s most attractive, funny, intelligent, kind, humble, not to mention attractive chiptune hip-hop musician. She’s amazeballs.

The Jafax Electronic Dance will run from 10 PM to 1 AM on Saturday Night


I went from DJing small house parties in 2013 to playing bigger venues and being a resident DJ at a local club in Big Rapids in 2016+. I began my path in producing in 2016, and slowly build my brand and my sound. In December 2018 I released my first Moombahton EP "Who is Konundrum?". The EP was a big game changer for me because in the start of 2019, I was signed into Skwäd Records, a label based in Detroit, and I started to play in bigger areas such as Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Pentwater, and Traverse City.


A familiar name to ravers and con-goers alike in Detroit and across the Midwest, Skellie has gotten a reputation for dropping unforgettable, high-energy sets whether working solo or as 1/2 of the tag team Duo Dai·Gu·Ren. Although UK hardcore and J-core is his specialty, his mixes often incorporate house, hip-hop, drum and bass, and everything in between- but regardless of genre, you can expect some hard-hitting beats and plenty of audio fanservice from iconic games and anime.


Marson Bio: Marson has played numerous events over his 5 year attempt at what some people would call "Deejaying" to a litany of mixed reviews, ranging from "I mean, he's not awful." to "I was told there would be free drinks. Are there not free drinks?" Marson is back for the second year in a row to bring you even more sick beats and awkward background music while you stand in the back of the room and kind of bob your head up and down a little bit.