Jād Saxton

Jād (Jade) Saxton is a voice actor and Funimation ADR Director with over 250 roles in anime and video games. She is best known for her roles as Saki Hanajima in "Fruits Basket", Kendo in "My Hero Academia", Kanna in "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid", Carla in "Fairy Tail", Haru in "My Roommate is a Cat", Sena Kashiwazaki in "Hagani", Rem in "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord", Megumi in "Food Wars", Yuki in "Wolf Children", Young Nico Robin in "One Piece", Koneko in "High School DxD", Hatchin in "Michiko & Hachin" (Toonami), Faris in "Steins; Gate", Haruna in "Is This a Zombie?", Miku in "Date A Live II", Adèlie in "Space Dandy" (Toonami), Mira in "Dimension W" (Toonami), Nona in "Death Parade", and Akatsuki in "Log Horizon".

As a FUNimation ADR director Jād has helmed "Endro!", "Zombieland Saga", "HighSchool DxD HERO" (Season 4), "Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for the Spirits", "Magical Girl Raising Project", "Interviews with Monster Girls", "Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru", "Convenience Store Boyfriends", and "The Silver Guardian!". She’s also assistant directed for "Love Live Sunshine 2" and "Konohana Kitan".

She also lends her voice to video games! Playing Maeve in "Paladins", Expelled Hel in "Smite", Muse in "Demon Gaze II", and as a Time Patroller in "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" 1 & 2.

Recent anime roles Jād is excited about: Momo in "Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card", Rinne in "Island", Utsutsu in "Basilisk", Marie in "Dies Irae", Guri in "Love Tyrant", Kirie in "Himouto! Umaru-chan", Naka in "KanColle", Jean Rowe in "Code Geass: Akito the Exiled", Mina in "Chronos Ruler", Matome in "Akiba’s Trip", Garnet in "Puzzle & Dragons", Mil in "Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON", Kotone in "Keijo!", Ruruka in "Danganronpa", Lilac in "Servamp", Senri in "Chaos;Child", Wanchoi in "The Silver Guardian", Sophie in "Izetta: The Last Witch", Eraser in "Handa-Kun", Ximena in "Garo the Animation", Mary in "Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions", Lisa in "Terror in Resonance", Constance Raveau in "Gangsta", Yoriko in "Tokyo Ghoul", and Un in "Show By Rock!"

Oldies but goodies: Perrine in "Strike Witches", Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré in "Soul Eater", Eve Genoard in "Baccano!", Masako in "Ghost Hunt", Ai Hibiki in "Rolling Girls", Ringo in "No-Rin", Ludmila in "Lord Marksman and Vanadis", Sio in "Nobunagun", Jeanne D'Arc in "Rage of Bahamut: Genesis", Onikiri in "Kamisama Kiss", Komissa in "Psycho-pass", Fam in "Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing", Tsukumo in "Karneval", April in "Mass Effect: Paragon Lost", Karin in "Shangri-La", Komoe in "A Certain Magical Index", Mayu in "B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time", and Mimi Usami in "Okami-san & Her Seven Companions".

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