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Tokyo Attack is a collaboration of music game enthusiasts looking to give back to the community and share rare music games with people who will normally never get a chance to play them. We all started off as private collectors, building a collection of the games that were closest to us. As time went on, we saw a demand for our games at a variety of conventions, and noticed the machines being currently supplied were not always in the best of condition. Wanting to give back to the community in hopes to strengthen it, we decided to brand ourselves and help spread our investment into this genre to rest of the public.

Since 2003, we at the Tabletop Gaming Library have been working diligently to provide for our attendees the finest tabletop game room available. Currently, our library contains over 500 tabletop titles. From family favorites to Kickstarter® Exclusives, from Origin Award® Winners to games that have been featured on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop®, audiences are guaranteed to find something that should interest them. Our knowedgeable staff comes with decades of combined tabletop gaming experience that we utilize to introduce games to new players.

Our Mission Statement is simple. Play Games, Have Fun.

Jafax Pokemon League!

Attention all Pokemaniacs! We here at JAFAX are proud to announce the return of the JAFAX Pokemon League! Having taken your comments to heart, several changes are going to be present this year, but the heart of the event remains the same: defeat 8 Gym Leaders, and come out on top in the final tournament! The most noticeable change is Gym locations will be marked with large floor signs throughout the JAFAX convention grounds. No more wandering around lost like Ash in the Indigo League. Second, there will be two difficulty options for competitors to choose. Rising Star is the league for those that are new to competitive Pokemon battling. For veterans, we present the Ace Trainer league, where Gym Leaders won't be pulling punches like last year!

Prizes will be kept a secret this year until the event starts. For a full set of rules, see:

Keep your eyes peeled for more gaming event announcements coming soon!