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Jafax 2019, June 7 - 9

Cosplay Competition Information

Jafax Cosplay Weapons Policy

All participants and guests attending Jafax must abide by the below policy which will be enforced by the Jafax staff or the convention security team. Unapproved items may be confiscated. The following rules apply to both attendees' costume props and vendors' wares at all times:

  1. BB, cork, airsoft guns, or any weapon that operates based on gas, spring, or are NOT allowed under any circumstances (even unloaded).
  2. Plastic toy guns that shoot foam projectiles (such as Nerf guns) are allowed, but must be brought to our IRT staff to be peace-bonded.
  3. All prop guns must have orange-painted tips and/or otherwise be clearly marked and identified as fake. There must not be any confusion that the prop might be considered real by others (especially the Grand Rapids Police).
  4. Metal blades or anything sharp (edged or pointed) are NOT allowed. This includes apparel such as ice skates. Even if the blade isn't sharpened. All prop melee weapons must be wooden, foam, or any soft material. Example: A Kunai from Naruto.
  5. If you are purchasing a blade from the Dealers Room, you must have the blade boxed, tied closed, and the purchase must be taken immediately to your car or hotel room for the duration of the convention.
  6. Completely wooden implements are allowed. This includes canes, staffs, wands, or practice swords such as bokken and shinai.
  7. Of course, firearms and explosives of any kind (including fireworks) are NOT allowed, this includes weapons that were real at one point (eg: the firing mechanism was removed).

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